Specialist Article: Collimation Module with ultra fine structures opens up new markets for diode laser manufacturers

Aachen, May 11, 2018.

Monolithic Micro‐Optics for Single Mode Diode Bars

  Abstract: Diode lasers are characterized by their compact design, high efficiency, long maintenance intervals and a long service life. However, their brightness and beam quality are not yet sufficient for some applications – for example in material processing or medical technology. Thanks to their large number of single emitters, single‐mode diode bars have the potential to generate high levels of output power, but they are not yet widely used. Micro‐optics allow the brightness of diode lasers to be significantly increased by collimation of the emitted light. This opens up new applications, while at the same time providing laser manufacturers with benefits in terms of cost. Click here to read the complete publication in “Optik & Photonik” Volume13, Issue2.