Special Product

Special Purpose Optics / Systems

You require a special optical design or intensity distribution? We offer customized solutions starting with the individual aspherical lens with an optimized design, through to complete optical systems, tailored to meet the specifications of your application. We always remain true to our own principle: Regardless of whether an individual optic or a complete system is concerned, we will put it through a test cycle which is identical to its subsequent application. Thus, we combine optimum design and replicable, dependable quality, to ensure maximum customer benefit.  
  • Product Examples
  • individual, aspherical optics
  • monolithic lens arrays
  • line focus modules
  • multi-focus spot module
  • ring focus modules
  • rectangular focus modules

Example Products

Micro Prism Array

Micro-prism arrays are used for the transformation or homogenization of high-power diode laser beams. The uniqueness of the array is due to its monolithic structure. Sharp edges of the single facets and extremely high angular precision between the facets are features which guarantee a superior beam shaping. The typical width of a single facet is in the range of 400 μm. All arrays are customized to fit the specific application.

All monolithic micro-prism arrays are customized for excellent fit of the specific application.



Macro-arrays are used for the efficient spatial interleaving of diode laser stacks. Damage free edges and highest precision of the single optical element as well as of the whole array guarantee an efficient combination of the stacked beams. All macro-arrays are customized to guarantee optimum function and to fit pitch and design of the diode stack.

All macro-arrays are customized for excellent fit of the specific application