Customers of the entire laser industry rely on micro-optics, microlens arrays, beam transformation optics and aspheres as well as sophisticated optical systems and laser systems from INGENERIC.

Optical Components

Micro-optics are key elements in the basic function of high-power diode lasers and are vital to their efficiency. With years of experience, we manufacture refractive micro-optics, beam transformation optics, lens arrays and aspheres with outstanding properties – either as standard optic or as a customer-specific solution. We use high-quality glass materials, meet the most exacting precision-related specifications in serial manufacture and manufacture in line with continuously optimized engineering designs to ensure that our customers can rely on maximum brightness.

Optical Systems and Laser Systems

In addition to our spectrum of optical systems including fiber couplers, homogenizers and collimation modules, we also develop and assemble especially tailored OEM laser systems, such as fiber coupled laser systems for specific medical applications. Another core competence of INGENERIC is the development and on-site-assembly of highly demanding laser systems like the INGnite250: a high energy pulsed laser system with a superior homogenized top-hat-profile.
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