Precision and versality due to long-term competence and equipment

INGENERIC is an established supplier of high-precision micro-optics and optical systems for a wide range of applications as well as leading manufacturer of mold systems for precision molding glass optics.

Relocated to a new production site in Baesweiler (around 20km in the North of Aachen), the newly constructed company building, with its significantly expanded capacities and competencies, enables further growth on an area of over 10,000m². The modern production hall covers a gross area of around 2,700m². The hall provides around 800m² of clean room (class 6/8) for the production and refinement of optical components and the assembly of optical modules as well as around 600m² of air-conditioned production areas for ultra-precision machining. The sensitive production processes require an environment in which the temperature is controlled to +/-0.5°C.

With its infrastructure, the new headquarters exactly meets the requirements of efficient production of high-precision optics. Micro-optics are considered one of the most important pacemaker technologies of the 21st century with considerable growth rates and are now an integral component in many products – whenever light needs to be shaped, focused, collimated, or directed. In many cases mobile applications, including the miniaturization of products, require highly complex optical surfaces that can save space and weight in optical systems.

Precision Glass Molding, the replication of a high-precision tool surface through iso-thermal glass forming, offers an economical production option in modern high-tech applications. The technology platform developed at INGENERIC, consisting of hot forming, refining and, if needed, automated assembly of micro-optical components, serves application fields that also demand extremely high precision.

Firmly anchored in the technology region of Aachen with it’s renowned university and research centers, the basis for an optics center was created already in 2001, as scientific expertise combined with industrial practice.