Beam Transformation Optics


The INGENERIC beamPROP is a lens array which matches the beam parameter product (BPP) of the fast and slow axis of high power diode laser arrays.

The beamPROP is a key component for the
  1. fiber coupling of diode bars
  2. dense wavelength beam combining.
Both applications make high demands on the components, which are met by INGENERIC’s outstanding manufacturing technology, guaranteeing highest levels of efficiency for diode lasers.
  • Achieve the highest beam quality through the four major features behind the beamPROP:
  • complete utilization of the aperture by minimized transition zones
  • minimum aberrations achieved by highest level of precision and uniformity of single lenslets
  • an exact rotation of the emitter is achieved through the defined center thickness accuracy
  • minimum pointing errors due to an exact position of front and back surfaces


We operate a strict quality control policy. Optical elements as well as complete modules are characterized as they move along the production line. By testing the modules in an environment identical to the conditions they will encounter in industrial practice, we ensure that there is no discrepancy between our test results and the results subsequently achieved when our modules are used within their intended application at your site. In conjunction with our sophisticated manufacturing technology, this guarantees the production of beam transformation arrays with unsurpassed coupling characteristics.

Excerpt from our product portfolio


Number of emittersWEmaxPE (mm)NA Slow-axisNA Fast-axisCT (mm)L (mm)H (mm)
Wavelength 400-500 nm
<> 0.7
Wavelength 780-1080 nm
BProp-A-200**470.100.20<> 0.7
BProp-A-400*250.200.40<> 0.7
BProp-A-500*190.200.50< 0.10 0.61.9tbd> 0.7
Wavelength 1000-1300 nm
BProp-A-500190.200.50< 0.10 0.61.91tbd> 0.7
Wavelength 1250-1750 nm
BProp-A-500190.20.50< 0.10 0.61.92tbd> 0.7
Wavelength 1700-1970 nm
BProp-A-500190.20.50< 0.10 0.61.93tbd> 0.7

All wavelengths available for all kind of pitches – upon request.

**Test example: 978 nm; 100µm emitter width; FA-divergence = 67° (1/e²); FAC07-300; 90% power enclosure.

**Test example: 940 nm; 100µm emitter width; FA-divergence = 43° (1/e²); FAC06-150; 90% power enclosure.


Number of emittersWEmaxPE (mm)NA Slow-axisEFL FAC [mm]
W (mm)L (mm) ***H (mm)
Wavelength 400-500 nm
250.200.40< 0.070.302.1012.01.20
Wavelength 780-1080 nm
BProp-M-300-400250.200.40< 0.070.302.1012.01.20
BProp-M-300-500190.200.50< 0.100.302.5012.01.20
Wavelength 1000-1300 nm
BProp-M-300-500190.200.50< 0.100.302.5012.01.20
Wavelength 1250-1750 nm
BProp-M-300-500190.200.50< 0.100.302.5012.01.20
Wavelength 1700-1970 nm
BProp-M-300-500190.200.50< 0.100.302.5012.01.20

All wavelengths available for all kind of pitches – upon request.

Support, Length and Height can be customized for components upon request:
Standard height of Support: 0.5mm, others possible as custom solution (0.5-1.5mm)

***L=12mm preferred, 6-14mm possible upon request


For easy and reliable mounting, we offer the INGENERIC beamPROP as a complete set with pre-aligned FAC and beamPROP-Array. Benefit from our automated assembly process.

Advantages of Automated Assembly