INGENERIC launches beamPROP for diodes with a pitch of 200 micrometers

January 17, 2017. A new product has recently been made available to INGENERIC’s customers: With the new beamPROP 200 the German company expands its product portfolio of beam transformation optics.

Product News beamPROP 200 Since the beamPROPs of the German manufacturer of micro-optics with a pitch of 400 µm and of 500 µm have already been used successfully for quite some time, a product for diodes with a pitch of 200 µm (filling factor 50%) is now available to the worldwide markets. The new product is combined with a FAC (Fast-Axis Collimation) with a focal length of 150 µm and thus allows the adjustment of the beam parameter product (BPP) of high-performance diode lasers with an emitter width of less than 120 µm with a divergence of up to NA 0.4 in the Fast Axis and NA 0.07 in the Slow Axis.
Our unique manufacturing technology makes it possible to achieve this particularly high filling factor on the new beamPROP.” explains Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hambuecker, founder and managing director of INGENERIC.
Further technical advantages of the applied technology: Only very small pointing errors are noticeable as a result of the excellent alignment of the surfaces to each other, and an optimal rotation of the beam is achieved thanks to the high consistency of the center thickness. Due to the high shape accuracy, only minor aberrations occur. Under these conditions, customers are able to achieve ideal results. The INGENERIC beamPROPs are lens arrays which are used in fiber coupling as well as in dense wavelength beam combining (DWM). Both applications put high requirements on the components which are fully ensured by INGENERIC’s manufacturing technology. The products from INGENERIC thus guarantee highest efficiency for the diode laser industry. More detailed information on the INGENERIC beamPROPs can be found at