Modern optics production with energy-optimized means of production

INGENERIC’s new production site in Baesweiler and its work processes meet all the requirements for efficient energy use and have therefore been awarded the ISO 50001:2018 certificate. This relates to all energy consumed at the site and the improvement of energy performance in the development and production of micro-optics, optical systems and laser systems. Both the use of unused energy efficiency potentials and the reduction of energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 emissions are taken into account. This consideration relates to energy sources, energy use and energy consumers.

In this way, INGENERIC demonstrates that the responsible use of resources in industrial production is feasible and can be achieved through appropriate measures, even in high-tech areas. Energy management is a continuous process in which all employees in the company participate. For INGENERIC, creating the technical, strategic and organizational prerequisites is a key management task that not only promises long-term savings potential and thus competitive advantages, but also serves the company’s self-concept and image cultivation.