Looking for the perfect holiday read?

We recommend our new product brochures!

Our brochure ‘Fast Axis Collimation Optics: Precision – Brilliance – Performance’ has been updated with extended product specifications, providing a structured overview of our standard lens types.
Fast Axis Collimation Optics Brochure

Additionally, our brochure ‘Microlens Arrays: Perfection for High-End-Applications’ contains an updated overview of product specifications for our spherical, aspherical, and cylindrical microlens arrays.
Microlens Arrays Brochure

In our latest brochure ‘Customized Aspheres, Toric Lenses and Free-Form Optics: High Precision for Imaging Systems’ we have compiled all the relevant information regarding the applications, benefits, capabilities, and tolerances of our high-precision optics. With increasing demand in growth markets like healthcare, sensor technology and consumer electronics, this brochure provides detailed information on selected example products as well. Check it out for a comprehensive overview!
Customized Aspheres, Toric Lenses and Free-Form Optics Brochure

Happy reading and feel free to reach out for more information!