Delegation of Chinese “Little Giants” visits INGENERIC

In mid-August, a multi-day delegation trip of Chinese “Little Giants” took place in Germany. Invited by Georg Türk, the Managing Director of the Association of German Hidden Champions (VDHC), INGENERIC seized the opportunity to host the visitors in Baesweiler.

The so-called “Little Giants” are considered the Chinese equivalent of German Hidden Champions and represent the new elites of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that specialize in niche markets, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and demonstrate significant potential. The aim of the delegation trip was to establish strong economic connections with German Hidden Champions and to evaluate potential partnerships.

The visit to INGENERIC provided participants with a platform for international exchange: the Chinese visitors gained fascinating insights into the extensive product portfolio of INGENERIC and could personally verify the quality of high-precision micro-optics for the laser industry, datacom applications, and healthcare uses. The delegates were particularly impressed by the applied manufacturing technology. INGENERIC possesses outstanding expertise in the field of precision glass molding, which is used for manufacturing the high-precision micro-optics.

Chinesische Delegation zu Besuch bei INGENERIC