Optische Systeme


INGENERIC develops and manufactures optical systems and modules, especially designed and optimized for specific customer requirements.

A team of experts in the fields of optical, mechanical and electronical design will not only develop the perfect optical design for highest performance. The module will simultaneously be optimized with regard to all other customer specific requirements. Whether this may be a specifically small housing, a maximum permitted weight or specific demands regarding the cooling area – the required specification will be defined in accordance with the demands of the application and then be put into practice.

Last but not least, all of our systems benefit from the utilization of INGENERIC’s high quality micro optics, which are well-known all over the world.
  • Benefit from:
  • A team of experts in all relevant fields, which guarantees an optimum performance
  • Highest performance due to the utilization of INGENERIC micro optics
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Highest precision and reliability
  • Prototype development and serial manufacture
  • Full service from a single source




INGENERIC LaserCAT – Fiberport with integrated fiber burn sensor

The INGENERIC LaserCAT is a multifunctional fiberport designed for the use in conjunction with fiber coupled laser systems especially in sensitive applications like minimal-invasive medicine. The unique feature of the module is the capability to detect an impending fiber burn in a sufficiently short period of time and shutting off the laser in time. Besides the recognition of the risk of fiber burn the LaserCAT is capable to monitor the laser power during operation and to monitor fiber plug and fiber break.

Special Features:



Double Source High-Power Diode Laser

The double source diode laser is a high-brightness diode laser module which is designed for medical applications. Laser light at different wavelengths and power ranges is delivered via two F-SMA-I connectors into separate fibers.
The unique brightness and efficiency of the module is achieved by the transformation of the asymmetric radiation from the laser diode bar into a symmetrical beam, using INGENERIC’s high end micro optics.

Special Features:



Homogenized High-Power Diode Laser

This Homogenized Diode Laser is a high-brightness OEM diode laser module which generates a rectangular top-hat intensity distribution with high homogeneity and steep flanks. The combination of laser diode, aiming diode, photodiode and thermistor in confined space allows easy integration into the customer medical system. The module is designed for passive cooling. Excellent optical function and highest efficiency can be traced back to the use of INGENERIC’s micro optics.

Special Features:



Diode laser with uniaxial top-hat profile

This product is an OEM diode laser module designed for the use in metrology applications. The system generates a line with a top-hat intensity distribution in one axis. For the specific application the beam leaves the module under a defined angle. The ultra-compact combination of laser diode and optical elements allow easy integration into the customer metrology system. The excellent optical function can be traced back to the use of INGENERIC’s micro optics.

Special Features: