INGENERIC has a profound, comprehensive competence for the development and implementation of intelligent, optical solutions.

We see ourselves as development partners for our customers, striving to generate the optimum optical solution for each individual challenge.

Our technologies

Text-Image-Expertise We have extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of technologies, extending from ultra-precision machining and micro-structuring to ultra-precision glass molding for mass production environments.

The technological range is complemented by our expertise in processes used to manufacture micro-mechanical components as well as complete laser system solutions.

Based on our broad technology portfolio we are capable of offering flexible solutions in many aspects. For our customers we process different materials and flexible geometries, we offer customized assembly, we manufacture beneficial prototype, small series or mass production quantities – to mention but a few and all of this in high-precision-standard.  

Our team

It is not only our technologies which offer the described flexibility: Our team of experts – not only in our manufacturing technologies but also in the most relevant fields of optical design, mechanical and electrical engineering – complements the technology platforms with experience and expertise. In close cooperation we will develop your project through all development phases, lead it to series-production readiness and accompany you through the series.

This applies to the customized design and manufacture of optical components as well as for optical systems. Based on our know-how and in cooperation with strong business partners, we further develop and integrate ready-to-use laser systems. Our customers benefit from an application specific design, precise beam profiles, high peak powers and short integration periods as the system can be built on existing product platforms.
  • Areas of Expertise
  • optics and system design
  • operating a broad technology portfolio
  • processing various material and flexible geometries
  • prototype and small series manufacture
  • reproducible mass production
  • high-precision assembly of optical modules and systems
  • optical, mechanical and electrical design as well as integration of laser systems

Energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001

Since 2016 INGENERIC has implemented an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 in the scope of development and manufacture of micro-optics, optical systems, and laser systems. Acknowledging our economic and ecological responsibility is part of our company philosophy. A systematic energy management will improve transparency, allows for a sound energy controlling and detects possible savings. Alongside the economic benefits – also for our customers – we thus contribute to resource preservation and the protection of our environment.

Certificate ISO 50001


Quality – Made in Germany

We operate a strict quality control policy. The optics and optical systems are characterized in terms of its own specific properties, which determine its exact function.

By measuring along the beam path, we ensure that there are no deviations from the values specified, when the optics are subsequently used in their intended application. Our measuring strategy in conjunction with our highly reliable manufacturing technology and assembly techniques enable us to guarantee that our customers will receive perfect optics with outstanding characteristics.

Complete laser systems can be directly integrated into the security system, ensuring a safe operation.